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Long Beach Pest Control Experts provides first-rate pest control service for lawn pests in the Long Beach area.

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Lawn Pests Long Beach

Lawn Insect Management

The main types of pests that pervade lawns during the spring and summer months are chinch bugs and mole crickets. Chinch bugs are drawn to areas lacking cover that are dusty and water-stressed. Damage usually spreads to the edges of driveways and sidewalks. The mole cricket, which is a nocturnal insect which lives in the soil, is another common pest in California. In your yard, they can feed on plant leaves, stems and roots. We work successfully to remove mole crickets because the health and aesthetics of your lawn can be rapidly influenced by their constant tunnelling.

Turf Management

Our pest management professionals will visit your property and check the premises thoroughly. We’re going to look at all aspects of the outside of your house, including the foundations, parks, soffits, thresholds and downspouts. We’ll incorporate a pest management service intended to get rid of turf-destroying bugs in your yard. You may be confident that our applications for extermination are stable and successful. We are committed to the use of sophisticated technologies to protect your house, family and pets.

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Lawn pests can do serious harm to your yard and landscaping, from turf-destroying chinch bugs to grass-feeding mole crickets. Our trained technicians will analyse your issues with the pest and customise a care package that suits your situation’s needs. We’re going to make sure we leave the pest-infested lawn to get all the bugs removed, to leave it looking nice for all to see. We take our clients seriously, and we will work to ensure that your lawn meets your standards.


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